Hey! I'm Shimydim, from France!

Welcome to my blog! On this blog, you will be able to find all the Custom Content I made for the games Sims 3 and Sims 4! I have started creating CC in 2015, with my first CC being the Zoella hair by Sintiklia converted for child & toddler!
Then I converted more hair for child & toddler in the Sims 3, and one day, I started retexturing hair for Sims 3!
I really looved the retexturing process for this game, so I started to do it for Sims 4 too! I have retextured many, many hair since my first Sims 4 retexture in 2016 (if I remember right haha)!
But recently I have started making my own hair meshes, which I love too, because I can finally make every hair I want, and it's pretty nice! All my CC are hosted on this blog, but there might be some of my earlier CC that are findable on Tumblr, and some on my TSR account of Patreon!
I hope you will find every hair you want here ! ^^

vendredi 8 juin 2018

#82 Hair Dump - S-Club - Adult

#82 Hair Dump - S-Club

S-Club N25 Ailsa, N27 HalfBun, N28 Sweet, N29 Sherry, N30 Shirley
CREDIT : Mesh : S-Club
Package & Sims3pack / Teen to Elder / CAS Thumbnail / Please tag #shimydimsims / No reupload =>No sims3planet
N25 AILSA : DOWNLOAD (with adfl*) / DOWNLOAD (without adfl*)
N27 HALFBUN : DOWNLOAD (with adfl*) / DOWNLOAD (without adfl*)
N28 SWEET : DOWNLOAD (with adfl*) / DOWNLOAD (without adfl*)
N29 SHERRY : DOWNLOAD (with adfl*) / DOWNLOAD (without adfl*)
N30 SHIRLEY : DOWNLOAD (with adfl*) / DOWNLOAD (without adfl*)
I hope you will like it ♥

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