vendredi 13 avril 2018

Hello guys!
My Tumblr account was removed because of a post where I posted a picture with one of Newsea hair, here is the picture :

It was because of this hair I got deleted. I don't understand why, because I received a DMCA strike and the description was saying : "Hi. This person is uploading my work for free. I have report them many times before and they do it again. I want this site deleted because they steal my work. Thank you."
I'm like what ? Because I took down the link of SimFileShare download, I took down every post I had about Newsea because they told me too. But I didn't took down this picture (because I don't remembered it existed lol) and there is nothing wrong with posting a picture 100% by me and the sims XD
I'm currently contacting Tumblr, but I don't really think I'll be able to recover my blog unfortunately :/

Thank you guys!
I will probbaly still posting things there because I really like retexturing hair

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