vendredi 22 janvier 2021

S4 Prom Dress With Floral Tulle


  • 13 colors (all with black & white ombre) + white and black (with ombre) for a total of 43 colors
  • New mesh, all LOD, new texture 100% made by me
  • Base Game Compatible
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Check out my other CC here !

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FINALLY this dress is finished (I started it in May 2019 LOL). I was having trouble with importing it into the game and finally made it yaay

It’s a long classy dress and isn’t really gameplay compatible. It moves fine but the dress is assigned to the pelvis bones, which means it won’t distort when the sims is walking but it will act strange when doing some activities :/ (it’s the best I could do otherwise it would be deformed all the time haha)

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