samedi 4 février 2017

About my Tumblr

As you might have noticed, my Tumblr has been terminated during 03 to 04 February night, and I have contacted the Tumblr staff about the possibility of recovering it. I don't know if they ill accept 5i really hope they will because I don't want to loose all of my posts (sorties, simtographies, photoset, lookbook ...) I have made during the two past years. I really, really hope it will be back soon...
Anyway, I will continue to post my creations here because I still enjoy doing it, and I won't stop because my tumblr has been terminated
If you want to see me on Tumblr, you can see my second tumblr here, for the moment I will continue to post cc here as well as my vanillas post.
I hope you will see me soon at @shimydimsims, but for the moment, you can follow me on @musictoplaysims, on Tumblr

Love you guys ♥♥

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